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Surfing Vacations in Riviera Nayarit Mexico

4df08751-22ab-467b-ad78-15003a3f79f0Come and surf the Riviera Nayarit where you’ll find plenty of locations that offer exceptional surfing for beginners plus pro surfing for the more experienced surfer!

The Nayarit area of Mexico’s Pacific West Coast is blessed with many high quality point surf locations and reef breaks that provide amazing variety and a premier experience for beginners and pro surfers alike.

Enjoy a Nayarit vacation and try paddle surfing, short board surfing, longboard surfing, or even big wave body surfing!

Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit offers some of Central America’s best surfing locations. In fact, there are 7 different surf “breaks” circling the Punta Mita southern peninsula alone, from Anclote to Sayulita, providing surfers of all skill levels with many options; from zippy reefs, to perfect point breaks and fun beach breaks. Other incredible surf breaks in Riviera Nayarit can be found north to Chacala and San Blas.

Traditional short board surfing as well as longboard surfing and stand-up paddle surfing are all very popular. Surfing lessons are also available at very reasonable rates, and taught by many top surfers. This is a great way to test drive one of Nayarit’s more popular Water Activities. More experienced surfers can try big wave surfing alongside the many pro surfers that come here to take advantage of Riviera Nayarit’s hottest surfing spots.

Here are some of the most frequented surfing locations in Riviera Nayarit. Catch a wave, ride the top of the surf, and feel the spray as you experience the thrill of a lifetime!

The Cove offers some prime surfing in Punta Mita. In fact, many of the local surfing guides say The Cove is the best surfing break in the entire Banderas Bay area! It’s best to surf at high tide since the low tide may be a little shallow. It takes about 40 minutes to walk to The Cove or you can reach it by Panga (small boat) from Punta Mita.

El Anclote offers some great Punta Mita longboard surfing for beginners since the surf break is long and slow with a very smooth pitch.

La Lancha is another great location for longboard surfing in Punta Mita especially with the incoming tide or the outgoing tide. It also takes about 40 minutes to walk from Punta Mita or you can reach this great surfing spot by Panga.

Punta Burros is located at Palladium Vallarta Resort (south of Punta Mita) and is an extremely popular surfing spot because it is easily accessible, and it is great for both short board surfing and longboard surfing! The right side offers a longer, softer pitch and the best surfing is at high tide but you can surf Punta Burros practically anytime.

Los Veneros is located further south from Puta Mita and is considered by many to be a classic reef break. This is a preferred surfing spot for short board surfing but you can also enjoy longboard surfing here.

Swimming Pools surf break is located just to the north of Los Veneros. To reach the break you will have to paddle out to it but this is a great surfing location for those that like longboard surfing.

The Beach Break is also located very close to Los Veneros and offers some fantastic barrel surfing plus exceptional beach breaks. The sandy bottom and the wide left makes this an ideal spot for surfing the tube!

Sayulita surfing is great regardless of the tide, offering excellent waves without too much swell for both short board surfing and longboard surfing.

San Francisco or San Pancho, the secret spot!

Other Nayarit Surfing Breaks

La Caleta is located near the coastal village of Chacala. This is a hugely popular Nayarit surfing spot that always draws a crowd since it offers an outstanding deep water peak with long surf rides and exceptional vertical walls.

Matenchen Bay offers legendary breaks. In fact, many surfing enthusiasts consider this area to have the world’s longest most rideable waves (some boast riding for over a mile on one wave)!

Stoners is located on the outer point of Matenchen Bay and offers high quality waves that seem to break more frequently.

Lolas is slightly remote and must be reached by Panga from San Blas but there are no crowds and it offers regional class surfing, plus some of the best barrel surfing in the San Blas area.

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